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Metaverse on MARS

Mining 3D MMORPG | PC | 2022




The first set of the game takes place on Mars. Players can choose the first scenario, and if they clear the first scenario, You can move on to the next stage.

The gaming system is compatible with multiple platforms such as web games (PC, mobile phone, tablet), Android and iOS

Device support.

Players will no longer join the game using traditional devices such as PCs or mobile phones, but instead enter the 3D metaverse to become one with a robot with endless powers and abilities to create a new world.

will conquer.


Welcome to MARS

The 3D MMORPG game MARS built on the NPAS Blockchain.

MARS is based on a battle epic to fight against alien races and defend their territory.

Gamers will take the role of restoring the captured outpost and making MARS a second earth.



cryptocurrency has gone beyond its function as a simple means of transmission and has begun to use cryptocurrency as a means of money in virtual reality by building Defi and virtual reality, so-called 'Metaverse', and solving problems through hardware.

Unlike in the past when cryptocurrencies were mined with (POW, POS, DPOS, etc.), 'GameFi' and P2E (Play to Earn) methods are in the spotlight in the Internet world, where you can enjoy games and mine cryptocurrencies as a reward.



MARS is a DeFi x NFT game ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to games. Free Play to Earn and Staking models.
Unlike other NFT games, MARS does not require players to pay to start the game.

Hunt enemies, defeat powerful bosses, and earn NPAS tokens as rewards.


NFT Market

By collecting powerful characters and weapons NFT Clear the dungeon and defeat the powerful boss.


When facing a boss that is difficult to clear

Powerful characters and

Buy various equipment items and defeat them.



Each character has its own unique characteristics and passive skills.

Clear the boss more easily by purchasing MARS with various effects through the NFT market.

Receive generous rewards corresponding to it.

Also, each equipment has its own set effect.

Collect various equipment through raids and supplement the lack of set effects through

the NFT market




Game Reward

Gamers can get NPAS tokens through dungeon hunting and boss raids.


NPAS tokens provide an economic incentive to be distributed to incentivize users to contribute and maintain the MARS ecosystem.


NPAS is used by gamers to purchase characters and equipment, participate in the gacha system, and acquire in-game characters and equipment.


NPAS is the most important in-game resource that gamers use to exchange characters and items in the NFT marketplace through peer-to-peer transactions.

Staking Reward

It is a resource that will be used to provide liquidity and create a healthy market by providing a pool as a means to increase the asset value.








It is a resource allocated as a means to communicate with users, such as in-game events and airdrops.


It is an urgent resource when rewards from staking and gameplay are exhausted.

Token SALE




MARS received investments from various sources, including institutional investors, and was rewarded with a small amount of NPAS. We plan to implement a lock-up policy, etc. to create the market, and you can check the detailed schedule through the official channel.

A certain amount is paid to partners who have contributed to the development of NPAS and MARS.

A quota supported by various businesses expanding fromIt will also provide liquidity, and will be used as a resource for various business operations such as governance, compensation, etc.

MARS It is the community members that maintain and propel the development, so the incentive to participate in governance is the reward for time, expertise and effort.

should be distributed as.

Business RoadMap


Play to Earn(P2E) System

  • 3Q 2021

    • Establishment of a corporation​

    • MARS game development started

  • 4Q 2021

    • NPAS Coin Distribution​

    • Listed on LBank Exchange

  • 1Q 2022

    • Staking Dashboard

    • Dungeon Hunting Reward Hub

  • 2Q 2022

    • NFT Marketplace Launch

  • 3Q 2022

    • Boss Raid Reward Hub

    • Guild Raid Release

    • Guild PVP Release

  • 4Q 2022

    • MARS web platform release

    • Only Pet system release


Infrastructure Support and Decentralization


Ultimate goal is to build a digital metaverse that gamers can own and thrive is to do MARS Metaverse aims to be a one-stop hub for all game lovers around the world to enjoy P2E MMORPG games. 

Here are some potential features that will be added that will enable MARS's vision.


  • 1Q 2023: 

    • NPAS mainnet development and support Gamefi

    • GameFi dashboard Development

  • 2Q 2023

    • Blockchain Layer 2

    • Other supporting infrastructure

  • 3Q 2023:

    • NFT Interoperability Bridge Mainnet Compatibility Test

    • Start developing blockchain and dedicated wallet

  • 4Q 2023:

    • Open source game streaming resources

    • Game Marketing, Maker Tool Development

  • 1Q 2024:

    • MARS game-based governance voting system implementation

E-voting is introduced in each country in the world where the MARS game will be released, and problems pointed out in e-voting using block chains are resolved, and implementation strategies are presented in detail by deriving them through comparative analysis of each country's cases. 

  • 2Q 2024:​​

    • Issuance of Utility Token WNPAS

    • Proceed and sign partnerships with PFP NFT projects 

  • 3Q 2024:

    • Mainnet 3.0 released

Our development team is working on integrating some blocks for the non-fungible token NFT market of mainnet 3.0, and 3.0, which has passed the test process, is designed to support staking while being forked.

  • 4Q 2024:

    • Mobile game platform launch

After installing MARS in Google and App Store, you can proceed to play with the mobile application.

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